UNBOSS is a book about work and leadership, unlike any you’ve seen before. The book questions everything you thought was obvious: Did you think that the purpose of business was to make money? No—businesses must first and foremost be useful. They must become movements that change the world.

UNBOSS was written in collaboration with 100 visionaries from around the world. They have come up with new ideas and concrete examples. It’s all tied together by 2 Danish, Jacob Bøtter and Lars Kolind. The result is a book that aims not only to create a debate. It aims to create a revolution.

In my opinion this book should be part of every business school curriculum, and not only…

Link to book website: http://unboss.com/the-book/


How to be Danish: A journey to the cultural heart of Danmark

This book is not a guide to how to become a Dane. As the title says, it is a journey to the cultural part of this beautiful little country. Traditions, history, culture, and many other interesting things. Had a very interesting experience reading this one!

Link to book: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=10650221651&searchurl=tn%3Dhow+to+be+danish%26an%3Dkingsley+patrick