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Sneak peek @ shoulder workout

There’s something about the shoulders that makes them my favourite group of muscles to train. Why? It’s simple, i’m crazy about them. To be clear, all muscle groups are important and i usually do a full body workout in most of my trainings. But when it comes to shoulders, i feel like a kid in a candy store 🙂

This summer decided to get some inspiration for the shoulder workout (which you can find here -> link ) and am i very proud of the progress i made until now. Of course, this is just the beginning…

Because of my training routine, i specifically focus on shoulder training  once every 2-2,5 weeks for about 1h intense exercises, with short breaks between sets.

Here’s an overview of the movements:

  • 4 sets of barbell clean (5x2reps) combined with 4 sets of barbell upright rows (10 reps).
  • 4 sets of lat delt raises (10 reps @ a weight i find hard enough to lift, then drop the weights and do 12 reps, then drop again and do 15 reps. After those i do an increase amrap ‘as many reps as possiblestarting with the lowest weight and go up until i cannot do any more reps for each set ). Brutal!!!
  • 3-4 sets of reverse fly (for the rear delts, standing position, bend down at 90 degree and bring the arms all the way out) – i use a moderate weight for this exercise (15 reps) and combine it with dumbbell shoulder shrugs (10 slow reps, followed by 20 fast resps) with heavy weight.
  • Ending the training with dumbbell shoulder press (3 sets @ average weight x 10reps, and then increase the weight for amrap)

All of the movements i do on a standing standing position, not only to improve my balance but also to train the abs.

Enough talking! Here are some videos from my workout:




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