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Shoulder training inspiration

“It’s not the amount of time you use in the gym…it’s what you do with the time that you’re in the gym.” – MikeRashid

Some inspiration for “shoulder” training.  Since this summer (2015) I have been trying some of the movements Mike and Rob do in this video and i must say that not only it was very difficult but i got a stupid pump from the firsts sets. And i loved it!!! Results came faster than i expected!!! After such a training i take 2-3 day pause to recover the tear muscles and gather energy for the next training. During this break i do other things, fx spend quality time with dear ones, read, or write on the blog, do some research, and most important prepare mentally for the next training, etc.

TO BE CLEAR: they train at another level, so can’t suggest the same number of reps or weight, but feel free to challenge yourself! 🙂

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